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About Nibcode Solutions


Who are we?

We are a small team made up of three people, that, despite having completely different careers, we are united in this wonderful project, which comes to fruition our immense passion to contribute in the mathematics learning process. We are also tied in the familiar level, which allows us to intensify the enjoyment of the time we spend in this project.

Our team is led by my husband, a mathematician who also has a PhD in Computer Science. A person with an endless torrent of ideas, who encourage me and our nephew to spend countless hours to make this dream come true.

Brief history

While my husband was teaching Linear Algebra at college, he came up with the idea of develop a software to help him to generate exercises suitable for exams, and at the same time to help students solving problems step by step based on the same procedures used in books. That way, the first version of Linear Algebra Decoded arose.

He convinced us to start this project up, using our leisure time to shape it and carry it out. Long nocturnal working hours became in new software tools and in a web platform to spread them and come closer to all who might benefit from them.

Income and donations we received are not enough for us to focus full time on this fascinating project, that’s why we still have to work in other jobs for other companies, but we dream one day to be able to devote all our energy to it, and flood our website with all the ideas we have.

What makes us different?

We give more than the benefits we receive. We offer you some software tools completely free, two of them for children, who have a special place in our world. For them we will continue improving those software and developing new ones, trying to give them for free, whenever possible.

Regrettably, there are bills to pay, some of them related to the web site infrastructure, that’s why we charge for Linear Algebra Decoded, but the price is lower than other similar tools, and besides it provides more options than the others.

We mix originality and simplicity, two concepts that we try to make sure they mark everything we do.

We listen to any suggestion and opinion from our customers, give them the value they deserve.

What do we do when we are not working or improving this project?

We are very passionate about outdoor activities, specially running, playing tennis, kayaking and mountain hiking. We also have a passion for movies and books, and we have even considered the idea of writing a book. My husband is also a fan of puzzles, particularly of the Rubik’s cube and other similar variants.

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