Basic Math Decoded

Basic Math Decoded

Basic Math Decoded
Version: 1.20
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Operating system: Windows
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Your child can now easily learn multiplication or long division, or operate with fractions or mixed numbers. No matter if it is a simple or complex operation, if he uses American or Spanish notation for long division, Basic Math Decoded will teach him, step by step, how to solve it. It will also give invaluable tips, useful when he must face to a similar problem alone.

While you need to pay for a license to use similar programs, Basic Math Decoded is totally free and it won't show you annoying ads as other free softwares do. This software, designed by a math teacher, it's being downloaded every day by hundreds of people, helping thousands of children around the world overcome the arithmetic operations.

Problems and solutions

Basic Math Decoded - Solving problems

Basic Math Decoded solves problems related to the basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) of whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers and decimals. All the problems are solved step by step, including comments, explanations as well as recommendations. At each step, the digits involved are highlighted in red or bold, in order to a better understanding of the procedure to be carried out.

You will be able to check your children's homework in just a couple of minutes, even if you are not good in math. You only have to enter the arithmetic problem and check each step of the solution to identify if he made a mistake.


Basic Math Decoded - Games

Learning by playing is a strategy that always works. Basic Math Decoded has three original games designed to complement the learning and practice of basic math operations, which have different levels of complexity, which will be testing the knowledge acquired.

  • Fast calculation, which main goal is to evaluate, by means on entertainment and randomly, if you master the basic calculations.

  • Select the wrong answer, a game with some points in common with the first one, but it takes a greater mastery of the calculations to be learned by heart, because a total of 10 math operations will be presented in each exercise, involving the four basic operators. One of the answers is wrong, and it must be selected.

  • Fill blank spaces is a game where some digits are substituted by blank cells in the result of calculation involving whole numbers with several digits. The blank cells should be filled. This game is a little more complicated than the two others, and to solve it, the student need to master the calculation procedures.

User interface

Basic Math Decoded - Multilanguage

Basic Math Decoded has a simple interface that after selecting the math operation and the numbers type you want to use, you only have to enter the numbers to be operated, and it will show you the solution step by step, with comments, explanations as well as recommendations.

You can personalize some options, as the decimal places to show when dividing decimals, and the long multiplication and long division format you want to use.

It has been designed for Multilanguage support. The default language is English, but the distribution contains the Spanish as an alternative language too. Other languages can be easily incorporated, translating the file associated with one of the existing languages, which have a format that allows the use of translators.

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