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Passion or Fear


Among the first words of a child, are the numbers, when they still fail to imagine the meaning and importance of knowing them for the rest of their lives. Parents and family, show full of pride, the fact that their little ones know how to count to 3 or up to 10, and when they put their fingers up, pointing out how old they are. They receive lot of applauses and praises.

When they start the primary school, there is a reaffirmation that will mark them for life. Passion or Fear of mathematics, which is, undoubtedly, one of the most important subjects through their school years, without considering the importance of its learning and application throughout our lives.

When they are passionate by the wonderful world of mathematics from the earliest age, everything will be fine. Passion for that subject it is more common than we can imagine, and it is indeed unbelievable the addiction that these simple numbers and their various related operations can cause in some children.

When the opposite happens and children feel rejection towards math, it begins the headaches and concerns, year after year, test after test, for students and even parents, who suffer so much when to their children "mathematics isn't going to work with him" or "he doesn't get along with numbers".

Although they feel passion or rejection, what it is undeniable is its practical use for life. We are daily immersed in numbers: we count, measure, locate, designate, and so a number of actions we take since we wake up every day. Therefore, it is crucial to look for an entertaining, creative and inspiring way of learning. That is the duty of all math teachers, and even of people who overcame its learning. For those, like us, who have a special attraction for that fascinating numerical universe, and are able to use new technologies, the duty is to collaborate with products like Basic Math Decoded, increasing motivation and retention, and why not? acceptance, of those who need a bigger effort to overcome the undoubted mother of all sciences.

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