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Basic Math is now Free


The knowledge of numbers and basic operations is the beginning of the exciting and practical world of mathematics. Without understanding these simple operations will be impossible deepening this subject.

Basic Math Decoded was created to provide assistance to the children, helping them do their homework and encourage their interest in mathematics. We are so pleased to the wide acceptance of this product by children, parents and even some teachers.

With a simple and creative interface, Basic Math Decoded offers step-by-step solutions to each exercise, which cover basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) of whole numbers whole numbers, fractions, mixed numbers and decimals. Comments, explanations and recommendations are included on the solutions, and the digits involved at each step are highlighted in red or bold in order a better understanding of the procedure to be carried out. The content they have to assimilate can be practiced by means of 3 games that will attract children, who will learn at the same time they enjoy playing.

The possibility of two languages is undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages, it is our desire to incorporate other languages, so we would appreciate any help from people interested in translation.

Why we offer it for free? This software is daily downloaded by dozens of people from low-developed countries, and we realize that they only use the trial version. It is our prime concern that this software can be used by a vast majority of children for whom we did Basic Math Decoded with much love and dedication. Therefore, in an act of nobility, we decided to offer this product for free.

The possibility to receive donations is just for funding for the maintenance and continuous improvement of the software, based on the recommendations of its own users, and a significant number of topics that we intend to incorporate, such as those related to geometry, units of measurement and their conversions, and the inclusion of different practical approaches associated to basic operations as in the case of problems.

Basic Math Decoded is now completely affordable for everyone.

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Basic Math Decoded
Version: 1.20
Price: Free
Downloadable version: Full version
Operating system: Windows
Size: 4.48 MB (4594 KB)


Every donation counts and would be greatly appreciated!

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