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Linear Algebra Decoded

The best software to learn Linear Algebra

With the perfect balance between simplicity, robustness and magic, Linear Algebra Decoded is an essential and unique tool to learn and deepen into matrices, determinants, linear equations, vector spaces and linear applications. Pay only half you would pay for similar programs and double the benefits.
Linear Algebra Decoded

Why Linear Algebra Decoded?

  • Save money and increase productivity
  • Solve problems from more than 60 different topics
  • No learning curve on how to use the software

Linear Algebra Decoded for students

  • Learn from step by step solutions like you do in classes
  • Generate your own exercises to practice
  • Get invaluable tips and explanations

Linear Algebra Decoded for professors

  • Save time creating and grading exams
  • Personalize problems using parameters that cover all possible scenarios
  • Save your exams templates to reuse them whenever you want

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