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About us

About us

We are a small growing company, made up by professionals who love new technology, encouraged by new challenges and the desire to develop original and interesting solutions. Our team has over 15 years experience in the analysis, design and software development.



Learn Linear Algebra by solving exercises. Linear Algebra Decoded gives you not only the solution of problems, but also invaluable explanations of each step.

You won't need to look for problems to prepare for exams, because now you will have in your hands an unlimited number of examples, since you will be able to generate all the problems you want.

Best of all, you can buy it for a great price, 50 % less than other similar programs that have less functionality.

This tool has been designed by a linear algebra professor, thinking in other linear algebra professors too. You no longer need to spend hours to create exams, now you will be able to do it using a wizard that allows you to customize each question with a great level of detail. Furthermore, now it will be easier to grade exams, as you will have the answers step by step, to check the solutions.

The perfect game pack for your children and for you.

Improve your memory and your concentration, increase the functionality of your brain and prevents memory-related diseases.

Colorful and full of pictures carefully selected and grouped by categories which help you to increase your classification ability.

3 games for the price of 1. You can get the full version at a special price of only $3.95

Your child can now easily learn multiplication or long division, or operate with fractions or mixed numbers. No matter if it is a simple or complex operation, if he uses American or Spanish notation for long division.

You can also check his homework in just a couple of minutes, even if you are not good in math.

Learning by playing is a strategy that always works. Basic Math Decoded offers three different games, with one common goal: getting your child to master the basic operations.

While you need to pay for a license to use similar programs, Basic Math Decoded is totally free.

Among Psychometric tests there are the intelligence tests, which basically measure the ability of analysis, and abstract, numerical and verbal reasoning. A good preparation for this kind of tests will greatly increase the chance to overcome them successfully.

If you must take these tests, Psychometric Training will be of great help.

You will have hundreds of different exercises and dozens of questionnaires for each of the 6 kinds of tests it includes, that will help you to increase your deductive abilities.

It has two running modes: Training and Test, and it gives you historical statistics of your results in both modes.

It is completely free.

Our Services

Our Services

We offer design and software development services, based on the characteristics of your small or medium business, delivering highly professional products with competitive prices. We direct our efforts toward the development of highly functional, practical and easy to learn products, focusing on customer needs and committed to their total satisfaction. Our extensive experience allows us to provide solutions that guarantee a positive transformation of your operations, allowing you to save time and money, while increasing your profits.

If you are interesting in our services, please contact us.

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