Linear Algebra Decoded

Linear Algebra Decoded

Linear Algebra Decoded
Version: 1.26
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Operating system: Windows
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Linear Algebra Decoded is a program designed to assist students in the subject of Linear Algebra, although it has features for professors, including the ability to generate tests where problems are customized and solutions are in the field of integers. It provides step-by-step solutions, with detailed explanations, of 60 different problems.

You can buy it for a great price, 50% less than other similar programs that have less functionality.

Students and professors trust Linear Algebra Decoded. In spite of its short time on the market, it has proven to be an indispensable tool in the learning of Linear Algebra, helping many students to overcome this subject successfully.

Problems and solutions

Linear Algebra Decoded - Problems

Linear Algebra Decoded covers 60 of the most important problems related to matrices, determinants, linear equations, vector spaces and linear applications, from the most basic to the most complex problems. It works with five different data types: matrices, systems of linear equations, vector subspaces, sets of vectors and linear transformations.

Linear Algebra Decoded gives you not only the solution of problems, but also invaluable explanations. The solutions are presented step by step, similar to the examples shown in textbooks, with detailed explanations of each step. In addition, prior to the solution, it shows you a summary of how to solve each problem in practice. It was never easier to learn Linear Algebra.

Go to the Problems section to watch all the problems Linear Algebra Decoded solves and examples of how it displays the solutions.

Exam and problem generator

Linear Algebra Decoded - Exam generator

You won't need to look for problems to prepare for exams, because now you will have in your hands an unlimited number of examples, since you will be able to generate all the problems you want, with the possibility to personalize them, and then you will be able to compare your solution with the one given by the program.

This tool has been designed by a linear algebra professor, thinking in other linear algebra professors too. You no longer need to spend hours to create exams, now you will be able to do it using a wizard that allows you to customize each question with a great level of detail. Furthermore, now it will be easier to grade exams, as you will have the answers step by step, to check the solutions.

The exam generator is a tool with the ability to generate an exam, showing on a sheet the results of all questions with the solutions step by step, and on another sheet all questions with a heading text, previously configured, ready to print for applying. Exams are first configured by selecting the problems that will contain, and the specification of the parameters associated with each problem. The configurations of the exam questions can be saved in files which then can be loaded or modified to generate new exams with this configuration. The generation is completely random, using complex algorithms to ensure that the solutions to each problem satisfy the conditions imposed on the configuration, and whose numerical values are suitable for use in exams.

User interface

Linear Algebra Decoded - UI

Linear Algebra Decoded has a convenient interface that provides assistance at all times, with two different modes for entering the problem data to solve: Tabular or text, which can be used indistinctly. It keeps the latest data associated with each problem and the settings used for each problem. In Text mode the program uses a parser that translates the written text into a data structure that represents the correspondent data type. This parser makes automatic corrections in order to adapt the text to the data type and size. It has a smart tool for pasting data from clipboard that automatically determining the data type of the source and converts it to the data type to be introduced in the control, where the source can be from any text or input control.

It has been designed for Multilanguage support. The default language is English, but the distribution contains the Spanish as an alternative language too. Other languages can be easily incorporated, translating the file associated with one of the existing languages, which have a format that allows the use of translators.

If you want to include new features, problems, data types and other forms or approaches to solve existing problems, contact us, and we will evaluate your proposals. Your needs are also ours. Write us, your comments are very important for us. Help us improve this product.

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