Nibcode Memorize

Nibcode Memorize

Nibcode Memorize
Version: 1.52
Price: $3.95 USD  (Full version - Buy now)
Downloadable version: Demo version - First levels only
Operating system: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8
Size: 2.79 MB (2866 KB)

The perfect game pack for your children and for you

You will be able to train and improve your memory while having a lot of fun trying to surpass yourself.

Colorful and full of pictures carefully selected and grouped by categories.

It has been recently scientifically proven that if you just spend 10 minutes a day with games like these, you will improve your concentration, increase the functionality of your brain, improve the short-term visual memory, strengthen your cognitive abilities and it will help you avoid related diseases to the brain.

3 games for the price of 1. You can get the full version at a special price of only $3.95.

Download the free demo version and discover this wonderful game pack that will make you spend fun times.


The package consists of three interesting and challenging games in which you will receive points and lives as you advance through the levels.

Nibcode Memorize - Games
  • Memorize pictures: You must memorize a set of pictures for a while, and then try to find them among a larger set. It has three levels of complexity based on the number of tiles in the larger set. At each level you must memorize a larger number of pictures.

  • Memorize positions: In this challenging and original game you must memorize the position of a group of images on the board. If at first you find it very difficult, you can increase the number of attempts per tile, which lets you retry up to twice if you fail.

  • Memorize colors: This game is similar in concept to other games who can find on the cloud, but the main attraction and difference lies in the possibility of increasing the number of colors, ranging from 1 to 4. You must memorize a pattern of colors to recreate it later.

How far do you think you can you go?


Nibcode Memorize - Pictures

The pictures have been carefully selected, with simple lines and well colored to make them easier to remember. They have also been grouped into several categories (fruits, animals, balls, transportation, etc.) to increase your classification ability, helping you to increase your power to relate objects, and encouraging you to think faster, because the time you have to classify, count and memorize is limited.

Despite the program contains a large number of pictures, every two months we update the pictures gallery and release a new version that you can download at no cost, once you've paid for the current version.

The constant change of pictures and categories leads to increase the connection between your neurons and intensifies your brain activity, which is the key to learning and memory.

For the whole Family

Nibcode Memorize - For the whole Family

There is no such thing as a 'bad memory', we can all improve our memory, and an ideal way is through daily practice. Nibcode Memorize can help you, while you're also having fun.

This fabulous package has been designed not only for you but for your whole family; have fun with your children, and encourage them to overcome, to bring the best out of themselves and increase their self-esteem. Working as a team you will be able to remember more pictures. Some remember the first pictures, others the last ones, to give just one example.

Train your memory daily and receive the long list of benefits associated with this practice:

  • Improve your concentration.

  • Improve your creativity.

  • Improve your attention and your short-term memory.

  • Accelerate your mental functions.

  • Lower your stress levels.

Finally and very importantly

  • Prevents memory-related diseases.

What are you waiting for? Nibcode Memorize is the perfect game pack for you.

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