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Nibcode Memorize
Version: 1.78
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Operating system: Windows
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from 8 users

Simple but entertaining

The package, in its conception is quite simple, but it can give you lot of fun and entertainment. My son and I found it very interesting, but I have to admit that it's extremely hard to move on after some levels.
Anna Norwick

Very interesting option to practice memory

Very interesting option to practice memory, the games looked easier, but they're really hard, specially the one to memorize positions. I have enjoyed a lot playing with them, although it could be a little frustrating not to reach high scores.

I've only been able to reach level 8, too hard

I like the game, but it's too hard, I've only been able to reach level 8. At that moment all the images from previous levels get mixed on my mind.
Alex M.

Nice games, simple, gradually harder and aesthetically well designed

They're nice games, simple, gradually harder and aesthetically well designed. The images are simple and colorful, although more different images would make the game less harder, your mind get confused when you have played some levels because you are not able to remind if a picture was shown in the current level or in a previous one. Some other games from the same kind could be added to the package to make it more attractive.

An excellent choice

These simple games have captivated my attention, they are very demanding and addictive as well. I like them a lot, there are an excellent choice to train the memory and have fun.

Nice games

The package is perfect to practice the memory, mi kids like it and I've noticed they have made some progress.

Love these games

I love these games, I've improved my memory in just some few training sessions

Very challenging games

The games are very good, and they are very challenging indeed. The one I like the most is memorize pictures, I practice more than 20 minutes a day and I think I have made some progress, but it's extremely difficult when the number of pictures to memorize increases. Memorize positions is very very hard for me, I can't even remember the positions of all the tiles in the 9-tile board, I'm working hard to succeed at least in that board. The last game, memorize colors, it's very interesting, at a first glance I thought it was easier, but even with one color I wasn't been able to go above 16 colored tiles. I like the games very much and the price is pretty fair.
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