Nibcode Memorize

Nibcode Memorize

Nibcode Memorize
Version: 1.78
Price: Free
Downloadable version: Full version
Operating system: Windows
Size: 3.01 MB (3091 KB)


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System Requirements

There's no special requirements to use Nibcode Memorize on a Windows Operating System computer.

Install Nibcode Memorize

You can install Nibcode Memorize from the file you downloaded. Just double click on the file and follow the requested steps if you agree the License Agreement.

Start Nibcode Memorize

Once the program has been successfully installed, you can run it, using the icon on your desktop, or by searching the folder “Nibcode Memorize” in the All Programs menu in the start menu, and clicking on the link to the executable file “Nibcode Memorize”.

Getting Started

This section contains information about the main window and the available features of Nibcode Memorize.


All the features of Nibcode Memorize can be accessed from the main window, through the toolbar.

This is an overview of the main window:

Main Window


The toolbar contains some buttons to options and information.


Enable or disable sound effects


Change language

best scores

Show best scores per game


Show info window


Close the program


The package consists of three interesting and challenging games in which you will receive points and lives as you advance through the levels.

Memorize Pictures

memorize pictures

Memorize Positions

memorize positions

Memorize Colors

memorize colors

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