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The test of numbers evaluates the ability to solve problems relating the computing power and the search of mathematical patterns, in a set of numbers arranged in an organized manner.

To solve each problem, you must find the pattern or logic that relates the different numbers in a figure, and by analogy, to determine the number that must replace a question mark in another figure. In other cases you must find the pattern of a series of numbers arranged in a figure, how the rows or columns of a table are related, or how some numbers are distributed within a pyramid. In some problems, where the pattern is more complex, there are two figures to help to identify the pattern.

Basically , the different numbers that make up a figure are related by arithmetic operations, where one of the numbers is obtained as the result of applying a series of arithmetic operations with the remaining numbers in a specific order. Arithmetic operations include addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and in a few cases the exponentiation. The symmetry or composition of the figure, usually provides information about which operations should be repeated, or the order in which they should apply.

Each questionnaire consists of 36 questions, which are presented in order of increasing difficulty.

Consider the following example, where the problem consists of two diamonds with numbers at each vertices and in the center. The second diamond has a question mark in the center, in order to determine what number should replace it.

test of numbers

We should find the relationship between the numbers of the first diamond, to apply it to the second one and determine the missing value. In this case we can obtain 34 as 5x5 + 3x3, so to get the value that replaces the question mark, we must perform the following arithmetic operation: 4x4 + 7x7 = 65

If you wish, in the training mode you can see the solution by clicking on the button located on the top right of each question. Sometimes further information about the logic used is provided.

Questionnaires cannot be selected, they will come out continuously and periodically whenever you request a test.

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